Planning an event in the future?  Why not add some pizazz, along with nostalgia, excitement, and a dash of fun?  Why not consider a band that will have the crowd singing, swinging, and dancing to rock and roll hits of the 60’s. Our unique song list is very popular with young and old, bringing happiness, memories and a good time to the dance floor.  Our unique vocal harmonies and instrumentals have people up dancing and singing along.

“Thanks for a great time”, “You were great, loved the music”, “Awesome Harmony”, “Great memories”.


The band …1’n… began in the spring of 2017.  The band consists of three of the original members of a 60’s local group called the “Keepers”.  Add to the mix a very accomplished lead guitarist and you have great music with a following that remembers dancing to these songs in the 60’s.  We are unique in that we play rock and roll from only 60’s artists such as, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Beau Brummels, Byrds, Everly Bros, Outsiders, Van Morrison,etc


We began playing in public August 2017.  We performed at Balloons Over Vermilion Summer Festival,  Tilton Summer Festival, Heart Association Fundraiser, dances at the K of C, the American Legion,  Gao Grotto and a 1967 class reunion.  We have been booked by Portal Entertainment Group. Mike Puhr, from the K of C, has booked us for Cheeseburgers and Fun Festival at Kennekuk Forest Preserve the summer of 2018.


You can hear a demo of our performance which is included. Watch a sample of our performance on YouTube- 67reunion one foot in or onefootin Danville demo1-7.  We have over 500 followers on our Facebook Page …1’n… and if you would like to see some pictures, comments, and additional performances go to the website and ask to join.  I believe we would bring some nostalgia and excitement for your attendees because there are no other bands in the area that exclusively play the 60’s.


We would like for you to consider … 1’n… to perform at your event.  If you have any questions, please feel free to  call Jim Goff at 217-446-1087 or Steve Beresford at 217-474-1749 or email Ray at rdbdoc3@hotmail.com.